Brighton MP presses for easier access for overseas students

Posted On 09 Jul 2010 at 8:01 am

Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby is pressing the Government on when its review of the points-based system will report and what are going to the terms of reference of the review.

Mr Kirby’s comments follow announcements by Home Office Ministers that a review of the point-based system, which has been credited with preventing genuine overseas students from taking up courses in areas like Brighton, is to take place.

Mr Kirby said: “I know of a number of my hard-working constituents who run businesses that provide education to genuine overseas students, who are really struggling economically because of the results of the points-based system bequeathed by the last Labour Government.

“I am keen for this system to be urgently reviewed and I am pressing ministers both on its terms of reference and when it is likely to report.

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“I am delighted the Government is looking into this matter because my constituents need relief and I am hoping fresh proposals will come as soon as possible.”

  1. Tommo Reply

    The country is awash with overseas students who have come here on student visas never intending to take their courses and just disappear. It is clearly being used as a means of gaining access into the UK for other purposes. As no policing of the student visa system is in operation, immigrant students taking courses can overstay knowing they will not be deported when their visa expires. Simon wants to wise up and stop being so naive.

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