Heavy snow forecast overnight for Brighton and Hove

Posted On 27 Nov 2010 at 10:58 pm

The BBC 24-hour forecast currently says Brighton and Hove will experience several hours of heavy snow tonight.

The forecast says snow will start falling at about 3am and could last well into tomorrow morning.

The city council’s gritters are out tonight once more. The last time the city experienced heavy snowfall in January, it brought widespread disruption.

More snow is forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The forecast on Windguru – a website popular with kitesurfers – also suggests snowfall overnight although the total is unlikely to exceed half an inch.

Windguru had predicted below freezing temperatures midweek, with steady snow looking likely.

Its revised forecast suggests milder tempeartures, with the wind likely to add a chill to the air, and a possibility of at least some snow.

  1. Sarah Reply

    I have been watching the met office updates and was concerned that I had not heard anything locally about the potential of heavy snow, the met office website was not specific about heavy in this area only and the bbc forecast this evening said light showers for the coast, a dusting! I am very confused as to what to expect when I wake up! Do you have confirmation of 6 hours of heavy snow?

  2. Sarah Reply

    Thanks for that – met office just changed the forecast to a light snow shower mid-day tomorrow – so maybe wake up to snow, maybe not!

  3. rhys Reply

    Never happened did it :/ any news on rumours of it tonite?

  4. Sarah Reply

    I have a dusting of snow up near Fiveways and the forecast on Met Office keeps changing, I think it is due to lightly snow on and off all day tomorrow. The TV Weather Forecast reports the heavy snow is heading from Kent, across London into berkshire, light snow for everyone else.

  5. Neil Reply

    well so much for light snow showers it’s a blizard, and as so much for the gritters being out i haven’t seen one yet and as usual for brighton when it snows the roads are chaos, they should have been gritted throughout the day knowing that snow was due tonight.

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