Greens call for delay to Brighton and Hove beach hut changes

Posted On 06 Dec 2010 at 6:49 pm

Proposed changes to the way beach huts are let have prompted Brighton and Hove Greens to call for a consultation with tenants.

Brighton and Hove City Council wwwwants to give more people a chance to rent one of the hundred brick beach huts in Hove, Madeira Drive in Brighton, Ovingdean, Rottingdean and Saltdean.

The council is proposing fixed term tenancies so that those on the waiting list have a greater likelihood of renting a chalet.

But Councillor Ben Duncan, who represents Queen’s Park for the Greens, said: “While we understand the reasons behind the proposals, we do not think they should go ahead before there has been a full consultation with beach hut tenants, and the drawbacks to the proposals are fully investigated.”

Councillor Duncan’s ward is one of those affected by the proposed changes.

The changes include restricting tenants to a five-year let and allowing tenants who have already rented a beach hut for more than five years to do so for a further two years.

Fees would go up by ten per cent and existing tenants would be allowed to go back on the waiting list.

Some people have been on the waiting list for more than ten years under the current rules, according to the council.

Conservative councillor David Smith, the council’s cabinet member for culture, is due to decide whether to accept the proposed changes tomorrow.

  1. A Thorpe Reply

    It is a pity that our Tory council couldn’t see the need to consult with tenants in the first place. They produce lots of documents about the need for consultation but when it comes down to it they do nothing about it.

  2. roy Reply

    the chalet proposals were amended by the Cabinet Member minutes before the meeting. The changes were:

    new tenants get max: 5 year term only,
    old tenants to be consulted on how to reduce the waiting lists,
    10% rent increase (same proposal) –
    Eviction notice if chalet not maintained properly.

    Tenants from Saltdean and the 23 chalets in Madeira Drive came to complain about the total lack of consultation.

    Now, some kind of reasoned debate might take place: none took place at the meeting, of course.

    more to follow when the council organizes the consultation…..

  3. Raymond Hickman Reply

    Perhaps the shortage of available beach huts could be addressed, by spending the £1.1 million pounds the council has earmarked for the removal of a cycle lane, on building some more. This could also benefit the local construction industry and provide a guaranteed income stream for the future.

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