Dopey car thieves crash in Hove

Posted On 06 Jan 2011 at 4:17 am

Two teenage car thieves botched their getaway and ended up damaging a number of cars in Hangleton early yesterday morning.

At least one of the thieves is believed to have been drink driving.

The thieves crashed in Bramber Avenue, Hove, in what is thought to be a car belonging to the mother of one of them.

A witness said that the clutch had packed up and the hapless pair rolled backwards down Bramber Avenue.

One of the thieves jumped out of the car to try to stop it hitting a parked car at about 5.30am but ended up being crushed and cried out in pain.

His shouts and the loud revving of the engine woke people living in the street and a number of them called Sussex Police.

The car then rolled further down the hill hitting a silver Ford Mondeo twice.

Police have arrested two Hove men aged 18 and 19. They are expected to appear before magistrates in the coming few weeks.

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