Brighton's two universities join forces for virtual jobs fair

Posted On 25 May 2011 at 8:21 pm

Brighton University and Sussex University are working together to organise a virtual jobs fair.

It is the first time that the two universities have collaborated on a recruitment fair – offering employers access to thousands of graduating students.

The virtual fair – which will run from Monday 11 July to Sunday 31 July – is an increasingly popular online version of a traditional graduate recruitment fair.

The universities said in a joint statement that the virtual fair would give recruiters the opportunity to forgo the expense of travel and time away from the workplace.

It would still, though, give them the chance of “meeting” a wide range of applicants.

The cost for recruiters starts from £45 and entitles them to space to promote their organisation and jobs on web pages with online links, podcasts and video links, for the three weeks.

They added that employers would also be able to make use of the all-year round free vacancy advertising service offered by both universities.

Access to the virtual fair is free to students and they don’t have to register.

The aim is to give those students who are about to finish their studies a chance to explore different career and employment opportunities offered by a wide range of organisations.

Both universities said that they had recognised the increasing convenience of this type of graduate recruitment event.

By working together they aim to ensure that employers have access to the broadest range of skills and experience from both institutions.

And the event has been timed to coincide with the university graduation ceremonies for maximum impact.

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