Brighton and Hove Greens reach out to business

Posted On 08 Jul 2011 at 11:32 am

The ruling Green group sent a message of encouragement to builders, developers and other firms yesterday.

Councillor Amy Kennedy, deputy leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “I want to send a very clear message that the city is open for business and that we are keen to promote development.

“But we also want great design and imaginative architecture to complement our rich natural and built environment.

“I want to see us building again – pursuing a positive vision for the future which looks forward to a low-carbon economy, maximising opportunities to create jobs in creative industries and emerging environmental technologies.”

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Councillor Kennedy promised to collaborate across the political parties and with the private sector.

She was speaking at the first planning, employment, economy and regeneration – or PEER – cabinet member meeting.

She said that the aim of the meetings was to link closely the council’s planning strategy with what was needed for the economic regeneration of Brighton and Hove.

Core strategy

The remit of the meetings includes city-wide planning, economic growth and regeneration, major projects and infrastructure works, conservation and liaising with businesses.

One of her first decisions was to withdraw the council’s current core strategy – the main policy document to guide planning development in Brighton and Hove.

Councillor Kennedy announced that an updated core strategy would be prepared, taking into account a number of changes to the law and to government policy.

The new core strategy would be designed to provide opportunities to stimulate renewed investment, provide affordable housing and jobs, and create sustainable buildings.

The revised plan is intended to set out the shape of “long-term future development for the city to 2030”.

She said: “We are proposing to produce a more robust plan that will have greater scope to tackle the major issues facing the city, attract investment and stimulate regeneration.

“It will also place significant emphasis on sustainable development and high-quality design.


“The plan will allow issues of local importance, such as housing, to be addressed and be backed up by the latest research to reflect the actual needs of the city.

“It should take into account recent changes such as the abolition of regional housing targets, the new South Downs National Park and proposals for neighbourhood planning.”

A report to be discussed by Brighton and Hove’s council cabinet next Thursday (14 July) recommends setting up a cross-party working group.

It will be responsible for helping to develop the new plan and involving the local community in the decision-making process.

If agreed, proposed options for the updated core strategy will be brought back before the cabinet later this year.

Residents and organisations across Brighton and Hove would then be asked for their opinion on those options before the finalised version becomes council planning policy.

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