Hove MP urges people to sign Organ Donor Register

Posted On 08 Jul 2011 at 10:22 am

Mike Weatherley, the Conservative MP for Hove, has signed up to the Organ Donor Register as part of National Transplant week.

Having recently hailed the importance of giving blood, he said that he wanted to emphasise the significance of signing the Organ Donor Register.

Mr Weatherley said that it was easy to do on the Organ Donation website – www.organdonation.nhs.uk.

There are currently 10,000 people waiting for an organ transplant in this country and, on average, three people who need a transplant die each day.

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National Transplant Week runs from yesterday (Thursday 7 July)  to next Thursday (14 July) and aims to help reduce those numbers.

Mr Weatherley said: “Signing up to the Organ Donor Register only took a couple of minutes.

“Death is a sensitive issue, but in donating your organs you can save someone’s life.

“I know that when I die want my organs to go to helping someone who desperately needs them.”

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