Fresh storm warning for Brighton and Hove

Posted On 13 Dec 2011 at 11:37 pm

A fresh storm warning has been issued by Brighton and Hove City Council as clean-up work continues after the gales last night (Monday 12 December).

More than a dozen beach huts were destroyed, damaged or moved. Boats were overturned. Chimneys and roof tiles were damaged,

A council spokesman said: “Heavy seas and a high spring tide of six metres last night meant the seafront was not a safe place to be.

“Warning messages were sent out beforehand by the council’s seafront team to dozens of seafront businesses – including clubs, bars and pubs, warning of possible flooding and wind damage.

“There were warning messages posted on the city’s electronic bus stop signs advising people of the hazardous seafront.

“The beach largely held back the sea and most properties appeared to have escaped the waves.

“We may not be so lucky next time and business owners are urged to assess the potential risks to their properties as soon as possible.

“We are pleased to have received no reports of any injuries along the seafront last night.

“There is, however, some damage and disruption.

“Around 14 beach huts have been either moved, damaged or destroyed.

“The West Pier marker buoy, around 2m high and thought to weigh several hundred kilos, was ripped from its moorings, hit a groyne and washed up on the beach.

“It was winched to a safe position up the beach by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

“A number of catamarans at Brighton Sailing Club, stored on the beach between the piers, were overturned.

“One moved around 50m across the beach and prom, stopping against the seafront arches.”

More storms are forecast for Thursday night into Friday morning.

Several council staff are on standby and rest centres are prepared in case people have to leave their homes due to flooding or structural damage.

Staff on standby for these storms include emergency housing staff, coastal pollution staff, the seafront team and emergency planning team.

The high tide in the early hours of Friday morning – at 2.27am – is forecast to be fractionally lower than last night’s – 5.9m instead of 6m.

But seafront staff say that this would make little difference and the seafront would be a very hazardous place.

People with boats on the seafront are urged to secure them.

The council spokesman added: “It is wise to check resilience of beach huts before a storm and inspect them after.

“All residents are advised to secure outdoor objects which could move such as kids’ trampolines or garden furniture.”

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