Brighton hospital staff step up fight against infection

Posted On 17 Sep 2012 at 7:01 pm

Hospital staff in Brighton took part in a campaign to remind colleagues about ways to reduce the risk of sepsis.

The campaign took place at the Royal Sussex County Hospital on World Sepsis Day last Thursday (13 September).

Sherree Fagge, chief nurse at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, the trust that runs the Royal Sussex, said: “Sepsis is the primary cause of death from infection but if it is identified and treated early the chances of a patient dying can be significantly reduced.

“The campaign aimed to raise awareness of sepsis among staff and what steps can be taken to prevent it to ensure we provide the best possible standards of patient care.

“One of our campaigns targeted Level 9A, Level 8, Level 8W and Level 8E and the team also spent time in resuscitation.

“This focused on three areas that are connected to sepsis – hand hygiene, cannulation and blood culture collection – and involved teaching of the sepsis six, which is a set of tasks that when delivered within one hour following sepsis can reduce the chances of a person dying by half.

“They are

  • giving high-flow oxygen
  • taking blood cultures
  • giving IV (intravenous) antibiotics
  • starting IV fluid resuscitation
  • checking haemoglobin and lactate
  • monitoring accurate hourly urine output

“It was great to hear how enthusiastically the event was received.”

The campaign comes at a time when hospital-acquired infection rates at the Royal Sussex have fallen to their lowest levels in many years after a sustained drive across the trust.


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