Picture and video special: Dramatic storms hit Brighton and Hove

Posted On 18 Jul 2014 at 6:54 am
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Brighton and Hove was treated to a spectacular light show last night as forked lightning lit up the skies above the city.

One lightning strike sparked a fire at a house in Portslade, forcing residents to flee into the storm – click here for more. 

But while firefighters were busy dealing with that, others woken by the thunder were taking pictures and videos of the dramatic forks and bolts.

This picture by Alex Lawrence shows the bandstand lit up by the lightning:

Kris James shot this in Newhaven:

Ryan G took this picture of the storm and sent it to us on Twitter:

Daniel Byrne captured these stunning forks off Shoreham Beach


Foomandoonian uploaded this video of the lightning strikes over the city:

Tony Simmonds took this photo in central Hove:

By Tony Simmonds

By Tony Simmonds

The electrical storm started at around 2am, with heavy rain following soon afterwards.

The Met Office recorded more than 3,000 strikes over the British Isles in the early hours of the morning.

Dominic Johnson posted this short video of the lightning over the pier to YouTube:


Here’s 6loss’s first proper lightning picture:


Paul Salvage tweeted this picture:

Arrmand Adams tweeted this picture of the lightning over Whitehawk:

Alex May posted this picture of the lightning over the Marina:

Richard Phillips sent us this picture of the storm taken from his flat in Kingsway, Hove:

Richard Phillips

Sarah Savage caught the storm off Saltdean:


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