Brighton campaigners celebrate end of page 3

Posted On 20 Jan 2015 at 8:24 am

Brighton campaigners are today celebrating the Sun’s decision to scrap its infamous topless page 3 models.

caroline no more page 3Although there has been no official announcement from owners News International, its other daily title The Times today reported that the paper was quietly dropping the tradition after 45 years.

The decision follows a successful grassroots campaign supported by hundreds of thousands of people. Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas was one of its most high-profile supporters, landing herself in hot water for wearing a No More Page 3 slogan T-shirt in Parliament.

  1. feline1 Reply

    sad b00bless times we live in 🙁

  2. Clyde Cash Reply

    Oh well, ‘5 Homes’ Lucas will just have to find another ‘right-on’ campaign to attach herself to

  3. Dreadful Substance Reply

    The Lucas woman will be more insufferable than usual now; she’ll probably claim that it was her (and the Green Party’s) influence that this has brought about this stunning victory for ‘wimmin’ everywhere

  4. Antony Reply

    Ooops I think they might have been celebrating a bit too early. Maybe all this press and celebrations made the Sun turn round today, stick two fingers up and publish page 3 once again?

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