Five things we learnt from Brighton & Hove Albion’s draw at home to Huddersfield Town

Posted On 15 Apr 2015 at 7:22 am

1) The announced attendance of  23270  got the biggest  and most ironic cheer of the night and as one fan quipped “not even with diplopia” 

2) Albion may not benefit at all from Rotherham’s charge for fielding an ineligible player against them. As it emerged that Blackpool did the same thing, in exactly the same circumstances against Millwall back in August. The Tangerines received no points deduction but were fined £30000. The Football League are likely to uphold this precedent. 

3) Match referee Andy D’Urso has been around so long he took charge of Albion at The Goldstone . The 51 year was to be the original ref for Albion’s match at Hereford in 1997. But was replaced by the then more experienced Neale Barry . 

4) Albion now haven’t scored a goal themselves for a whole month. Even Beram Kayals point blank shot after the whistle had gone and the play stopped in the first half, hit the post . 

5) There was plenty of room reported on the buses and trains , lounges and concourses . Before , and after the match. 

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