Twin no entry signs leave Portslade residents seeing double

Posted On 28 Apr 2015 at 9:27 am

People living in St Aubyn’s Road were left scratching their heads this month when a no entry sign was put in their street – right next to another one.

double stopResident Sinah Jane spotted the unlikely sight on Wednesday,  and tweeted Brighton and Hove City Council to ask what’s going on.

But the council has explained that the double sign is intentional, and the old sign on the right will be removed once the electricity supply to the lighting on the new one is connected.

A council spokesperson said: “We’re following standard practice when replacing this type of sign post.

“In the picture provided, the post on the right is due to be removed as part of routine maintenance. A new post has been installed at the back of the footpath because this is a better position for signage.

“The next stage is for the cable network operator to disconnect the existing electrical supply from the old post and connect power to the new one instead.

“Once the electricity supply has been transferred, the council will safely remove the old post.”

  1. rolivan Reply

    They look very much like No Entry signs.

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