Brighton and Hove Labour group elects leader and deputies

Posted On 12 May 2015 at 11:28 pm

Councillor Warren Morgan has been confirmed as the leader of his party on Brighton and Hove City Council.

Councillor Morgan led Labour to victory in the local elections last Thursday (7 May), taking the most seats – 23 out of 54 – although short of a majority.

He will lead a minority administration with the same two deputies as before the election, Councillor Gill Mitchell and Councillor Les Hamilton.

They are among the eight Labour councillors to have held their seats.

One of the 15 new councillors, Maggie Barradell, has been chosen as the Labour group’s chief whip. She is the wife of former council chief executive John Barradell and, like Councillor Morgan and Councillor Mitchell, represents the East Brighton ward.

Councillor Morgan is expected to select colleagues to chair committees such as planning, licensing and children and young people within the next week.

All the posts will be ratified at the annual council meeting on Thursday 21 May.

  1. Rostrum Reply

    Hope one of their first moves will be to scrap the Museum Entry chanres that were imposed on monday !!!!

    • Kyloscope Reply

      You’re joking aren’t you? With the millions this government is telling them to save????!!!!

      • Rostrum Reply

        The city get funding but museums but how they choose to spen it is in question.

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