Suspended table inspired by Brighton student digs

Posted On 01 Jun 2015 at 11:19 am

Life can be a tight squeeze in bijou homes but University of Brighton students have come up with clever ideas to create more space.

Amy BurnsA final-year product design student exhibition includes two new ways of making the most of petite living.

Amy Burns has come up with ‘Mounted’, a dining or work table on a pulley system which means it can be lowered when needed and stowed away on the ceiling when it is not.

Amy said: “Living in student houses as you do when at university can mean eating meals on your lap and squeezing onto the couch next to your friends – with no room for a permanent flat surface.

“But this gives you a table when you need it and one that can be quickly put out of the way when you don’t.”

Amy has more ideas up her sleeve but she’ll be focusing on work for the time being – she has just gained employment with a mechanical engineering company in Sussex.

Adam Hargrave has a similar hideaway idea but one that folds into a wall, and it was also born from living in digs: “I was in an 8ft-wide room and I could almost touch both walls at the same time.”

His ‘Mobler Furniture System’ includes a chair and table, both of which fold away neatly against the wall. “Many people are spending more money on their homes rather than entertainment these days and this system would appeal to young professionals or students, anyone who wants to make the most of small spaces.”

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