Search for pink coat lady star of massive Brighton viral hit

Posted On 10 Mar 2016 at 9:44 pm

You will all have seen it – the video of the old lady dressed in a hot pink coat abandoning her shopper to boogie down with the gold-lame catsuit clad busker to Twist and Shout outside Boots in North Street.

Now, the woman behind the global viral video, which has shown the world the unique charms of Brighton, is on a mission to find the leading lady of her surprise smash hit.

Ezda Beevers was out and about in the city centre on Monday when she spotted the scene which has now thrilled people across the world.


Ezda Beevers

 She said: “The old lady in the pink coat is the total star of the show. She’s why I stopped. I saw her getting into it, and I thought I’ve got to video that.

She was amazing, and that’s what made the video. She was properly going for it, but when she walked off, she was really struggling.

“I saw her about ten minutes later in Marks and Spencer and she was walking really slowly – she must be really old, she could hardly move.

“Now, I would love to find her, that’s what I want to do. I’ve hooked up with Pablo, the dancer, and we want to say thank you.

“It just went a bit bonkers. It went everywhere – I’ve been getting messages from journalists in Taiwan, Mexico. It’s just quite weird, because I jut made a video and it went a bit crazy. It was just a really good moment.

“I also love the man with the bag with a chick  

on it, he’s just really spontaneous.

“What I like about the video is that fact it sums Brighton up – all different sorts of people having a good time. It was just a couple of normal people joining in.”

If you are the pink coat lady, or you know who she is, please contact Ezda via her Facebook page, or email

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  1. Michelle Jones Reply

    Only in Brighton lol

  2. LW Reply

    She gets on the No 12 buses towards Eastbourne

  3. Hannah ford Reply

    The lady in the pink coat lives in newhaven she gets on my bus and gets off at the same stop !! ?

  4. Tasha foster Reply

    The lady is called ann tunstall comes from the new haven area .

  5. Kellie Reply

    Her name is Ann Tunstall I know her as a customer from my old work

  6. Valerie Paynter Reply

    You say “Only in Brighton”, Michelle, but her dancing presence should not be such a surprise. “The Twist” is a 1960’s song and dance craze from her youth over 55 years ago. She just plugged back in.

    Most people would be too humiliated by their loss of agility to just have that moment in public with the busker, too self-consciously aware of how they look (not their former best)as muscle-wasting, shortened tendons, ligaments and locked bones resist response to the perfectly clear commands from intact minds. Wonder how much longer Mick Jagger can do it!

    What’s happened to her neck and upper spine area is harsh. Sitting in cars and at desks for hours and hours, years and years, can set every one of us up for that. As can degenerative problems from ANY age.

    There is a subtle social signalling thing that separates, categorises and makes us conform to what we think is and isn’t age and condition-appropriate in our culture. She slipped that noose and just took the moment. Kudos. And yeah, maybe the fact she was in Brighton makes a difference. Tell her, Hannah Ford. Tell her how much her moment has inspired and been appreciated.

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