Budget ‘fails the homeless’ says Brighton housing chief

Posted On 16 Mar 2016 at 5:42 pm

The boss of one of Brighton’s most well-used homeless services says that today’s budget has “failed the homeless” despite a pledge to cut the number of rough sleepers.

Andy Winter

Andy Winter

George Osborne this afternoon pledged £115million for specialist supported housing to reduce homelessness.

But Andy Winter, chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust, says that caps put on the amount people living in such specialist housing can claim in housing benefit means that thousands of homes will be lost.

Mr Osborne said: “Because under this government we’re not prepared to let people be left behind, I am also announcing a major new package of support worth over £115 million to support those who are homeless and reduce rough sleeping.”

Mr Winter said: “While I welcome the news that the Chancellor has announced £115 million for specialist accommodation to help people out of rough sleeping and homelessness, other measures previously announced will mean that levels of homelessness and rough sleeping will continue to rise.

“In the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced caps that, from April 2018, will limit the amounts someone in specialist supported housing may claim through housing benefit. This will see the loss of thousands of homes and already the plug has been pulled on many new homes that were planned.

“The Chancellor should have ensured that specialist supported housing was put on a proper and sustainable financial footing so that we can see, once and for all, an end to rough sleeping in this country.

“Sadly he has failed this challenge. So on homelessness, I would rate this budget as a failure. He has ignored the warnings from so many of us involved in helping people off the street and those with support needs.

“Homelessness will increase and this £115 million will have little impact in stemming rising levels of rough sleeping.”

  1. malcolm Reply

    for thoses who dont know he Osborn is a Junkie know less than a5 year old and live in his own private world

  2. Julian Wadey Reply

    Andy Winter is well respected across the political spectrum of Brighton Politics despite both himself and his wife Jean be past Labour Cllr’s.
    we all should come together to solve this crisis on our doorsteps in Brighton before it becomes like Las Vegas with people living underground in Tunnels….it’s cold out there.

  3. George Coombs Reply

    Yes, it is cold out there and more money should be put into alieviating this crisis on our doorsteps-too many homeless people have died on the streets of brighton and hove and the council should be making this problem a top priority-with things like re-amping the king alfred low down on the list-Love Activist should be given total committed support-in excess of 50 people died on the streets last year, this year there have been five that i know off-the town council surely hasd a moral obligation and imperative to end homelessness in brighton and hove

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