Corbyn supporters top poll for key posts on Brighton and Hove Labour party executive

Posted On 10 Jul 2016 at 11:36 pm

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have topped the poll for key positions on the executive committee of the Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party.

Mark Sandell, former president of the West Sussex NUT (National Union of Teachers), was elected chair, beating Mark Jackson by 376 votes (62 per cent) to 224.

Chartered accountant and Withdean branch member Claire Wadey was voted in as treasurer, beating John Warmington. She won 374 votes (61 per cent) to Mr Warmington’s 226.

Journalist Greg Hadfield, who chairs the Patcham branch, saw off Edward Crask to become secretary by 393 votes (65 per cent) to 213.

And former councillor and independent tax adviser Anne Pissaridou, with 391 votes (64 per cent), becomes vice chair for campaigns, having beaten Nicky Easton, with 204 (33 per cent).

Separately, Christine Robinson was elected unopposed to become vice chair for membership.

Mr Corbyn is likely to face a formal challenge to his leadership from Angela Eagle tomorrow (Monday 11 July).

  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Anyone who doubts Corbyn’s “fitness to lead” only has to look at his dignified, stoical, calm manner under insufferable pressure right now as we witness the Blair Project in its death throes, its MP’s demonstrating lack of measure, their own hysteria and unfitness to lead along with poor judgment (timing after Brexit). It is a most unedifying sight.

  2. Gerald Wiley Reply

    So Momentum got all their supporters to come along and support the far-left candidates? In a similar way to the Corbynites in the last leadership election paid their £3 each, being allowed to vote immediately, and then getting Jeremy ‘democratically elected’.

    I see that the Tories require members to have signed up for at least 3 months before being allowed to vote in their own elections – I assume to stop such tactics.

    Well, I suppose this may well end up in Labour being split and the far-left can join forces with the Greens (who now seem to have forgotten they were supposed to be worried about the environment!), and the centre joining the Liberals…

    • Ben Macleod Reply

      Actually Gerald, It was also the full members that voted Corbyn in, by almost 50% compared to 17% to his nearest rival, Andy Burnham. It was a full democratic process in no way highjacked. Indeed it was the biggest mandate in the history of British party elections. Perhaps you should explore the facts fully before making rash judgements on what should be celebrated as an example of democracy in action. Those opposed to Corbyn have equal rights to vote against him don’t they?

      • Esther Reply

        It’s not true that Corbyn’s mandate is unsurpassed. “We are in rare but not unprecedented times. In 1988 Tony Benn, with Jeremy Corbyn as his campaign manager, challenged Neil Kinnock for the leadership. In that fight Neil was returned with a mandate of 86%.

        • emilio zorlakki Reply

          Different voting system you fool! PLP had more say and has always been overwhelmingly right wing. Get your historical facts right!

          • Esther

            If you really believe your words that the Parliamentary Labour Party has “always been overwhelmingly right wing” that puts your own politics in the SWP camp and not Labour. In every UK Parliamenary Constitency there are going to be a few hundred voters for that kind of Leftism in a General Election. So the price of a win for Momentum within the Labour Party is electoral collapse.
            Peter Kyle is a clever, honest and dedicated MP and the only type of Labour politician who could ever win a seat in a well-off place such as Hove. Even he wouldn’t hold his seat if Corbyn is leader in 2020 and an actual Corbyista would amp,y lose his or her deposit.

        • Steve Reply

          Yes, Kinnochio was elected by 86% – at Conference, under the old electoral college system which gave the Union leaders 33% of the vote, The PLP 33% and the Constituency delegates 33%. He did NOT receive that mandate under OMOV by STV – unlike Corbyn.

  3. Marcos Reply

    Sour grapes from a sourpuss.

  4. Harry Palmer Reply

    Has anyone considered that someone might be Jezzymandering ?

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