i360 closed for technical tests after third pod breakdown

Posted On 12 Sep 2016 at 11:00 am

The i360 is to remain closed today for tests after the pod broke down yesterday afternoon for the third time in four days.

An engineer tries to fix the fault yesterday evening. Picture by Nick Burlin

An engineer tries to fix the fault. Picture by Nick Burlin

Almost 200 passengers were trapped inside for more than an hour late yesterday afternoon just above ground level, an echo of Thursday’s incident where a similar number were stuck a few feet above for two and a half hours.

The BBC reports that yesterday’s stoppage was the second one that day.

A spokesman for the attraction said this morning: “British Airways i360 will close today while specialist technicians conduct further checks on site.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Customers who have booked tickets for flights today will be offered alternative visits or refunds.”

Meanwhile, the widely remarked use of a camping toilet has given rise to a parody Twitter account, Boginthepod.

  1. Paul Hegarty Reply

    Bodes well for the future doesn’t it. What a spectacular waste of money that thing was. Just opened and regularly breaking down …. so much for the acclaimed British engineering – oh wait, sorry, it’s foreign crap isn’t it?

  2. Andy Kingston Reply

    Hmmm, tough one, but I think I’d be opting for a BMW 5 series over in Austin Princess any day of the week. You were saying something about fofeign engineering?

  3. Carol McLean Reply

    Totally agree! If i wanted to view an Industrial Chimney… from as far away as Portsmouth and ruining the view of the old West Pier, when in Brighton/Hove, then i couldn’t think of a better idea that building this iSore! Let’s hope it is condemned as “not fit for purpose” or just “terminal”. Where’s Fred Dibnah, when you need him… died too soon. He was fab at steam stuff, but excelled and blowing up chimneys!

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