Hove man at centre of Allardyce scandal 

Posted On 28 Sep 2016 at 9:40 am

A former Blatchington Mill schoolboy is at the centre of the scandal that has caused England boss Sam Allardyce to lose his job.

Dax Price, 45, who grew up in Hangleton, Hove, is a former amateur boxer, his family at one time involved in the Brighton amateur boxing scene.

Allardyce parted company with the FA, after alleged describing to agents, how rules on third party ownership could be manipulated.

Mr Price is featured in the Telegraph’s second day of reports on corruption in English football. An undercover reporter filmed him saying an unnamed man would cut deals with players, and that he could get then £2,000 a week more as long as he got half.

The Telegraph has also published footage of him talking about crooked deals he had done, and how some managers needed to be paid more to arrange deals.

His business partner Pino Pagliara, banned from football for five years for match-fixing in 2005, was also filmed talking about corruption in football. Both men thought they were talking to employees of a Far Eastern firm looking to invest in football.

Mr Price’s business, Forward Sports Consultancy Ltd, lists his address as St Aubyn’s in Hove. He is also listed as a director for Hotel Link Worldwide, a tour operator based in Hove.

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