Teenager raped in Brighton and Hove in what she believed to be a cab

Posted On 24 Nov 2016 at 9:39 pm

An 18-year-old was raped in what she believed was a cab in Brighton and Hove on Saturday night (19 November).

Sussex Police said this afternoon (Thursday 24 November): “Police are appealing for witnesses for anyone in the West Street area of Brighton on Saturday night.

“At around 11.45pm an 18-year-old woman left Wetherspoons in West Street and walked towards the Clock Tower.

“Outside Sprinkles Gelato she got into what she thought was a taxi and asked to be taken to Hove.

“During the drive to the destination, (the driver) stopped the vehicle and climbed into the back where he raped her.

“He then continued to drive and dropped her near Hangleton Way. She walked to her destination where she raised the alarm and the police were called shortly after midnight.

“We are supporting the victim as she is obviously very distressed by what happened but is helping us with the investigation.

“She has described the vehicle as a white and green six-seater vehicle, which at the time she believed was a taxi.

“She also described the driver as of Asian appearance, around 40, with black hair and a bit chubby. He was wearing a white shirt with sleeves to his elbow.

“We are open to the fact this might not have been a genuine taxi and we are appealing to anyone who might have seen this vehicle parked near the top of West Street or witnessed a similar vehicle acting suspiciously in the Hangleton Way area.

“If you have any information which might help us please come forward.”

Separately, a Brighton and Hove taxi driver has been rebailed by police until Monday 30 January charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl. She was not a passenger.

Brighton and Hove City Council has suspended his licence while police investigate the case.

Sussex Police said: “A 33-year-old Brighton man was arrested on (Thursday) 23 June this year on suspicion of sexual assault in a car in the city on a teenage girl known to him, earlier that day.”

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    This is going on to much with cab drivers,Google rape taxi drivers! unbeliveble Think about 3 in Brighton

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