West Hove to vote on parking restrictions

Posted On 18 Apr 2017 at 3:16 pm

Fine details of a residents’ parking scheme for West Hove are being put to local people for their comments.

Worcester Villas

During the winter, residents voted strongly in favour of a light touch scheme – with restrictions in force for two periods each day.

This latest consultation asks for views on how parking spaces and yellow lines would be arranged in the street. The consultation area is bounded by Worcester Villas in the west, Kingsway in the south, Woodhouse Road in the east and the railway in the north.

The council is proposing restrictions for non-residents operate 11-12 noon and 6-7pm. Residents had narrowly favoured a Monday to Friday scheme. But following an agreement by councillors at environment committee, the council is proposing it operates all week to avoid displacement from seven-day schemes nearby.

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Consultation documents including a detailed map should start landing on over 2500 doormats from April 20. Views must be returned to the council by May 26. Once the consultation starts, survey forms can also be completed online via the council’s website www.brighton-hove.gov.uk

Chair of the environment committee Cllr Gill Mitchell said: “Residents parking schemes are only introduced in response to residents’ wishes. This stage of consultation offers residents a chance to fine-tune the scheme so that it works best for them in each street. Satisfaction with parking schemes is overwhelmingly positive and I would expect this one to improve the neighbourhood.”

During the winter consultation over 1000 responses were received from the 2500 addresses – a return rate of 44 per cent.

  1. Jo Reply

    Bring it on, can’t wait to see the back of vehicles of all kinds dumped for weeks at a time.

  2. fred the fish Reply

    Our business which is a huge national one is now charging residents of this area and bn1 a deposit of £100 before we attend any property to cover parking fines which we get ridiculous amounts of , the residents should keep this in mind before voting on this as a lot of other service businesses are starting to do similar

    • Robin Hislop Reply

      Maybe your national business should set aside some budget for parking meters instead of paying parking fines!

  3. Cat Reply

    I think it’s yet another short sighted council initiative, keep pushing the problem along, why are they only consulting with people that benefit from it, what about those that are adversely impacted…. Absolute joke!

    • Ashley Reply

      They’re talking to the residents, what in the world would you have them do? They are the ones affected!

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