The Times publishes Brighton MP’s case for a second EU Brexit referendum

Posted On 01 Feb 2018 at 9:52 am

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas has made the case for a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union in a letter in The Times.

Caroline Lucas

Britain’s only Green MP voiced a view with growing support – and considerable opposition – that the public voted for Brexit before knowing the terms.

She believes that they should be able to decide whether they still want to leave the EU once the terms are agreed.

The Spearhead

She wrote: “Momentum for a ratification referendum is building.

“The Green Party has long argued that the vote in 2016 should have been the start, not the end, of a democratic process, and it seems that an increasing number of people in this country agree with us.

“Such a vote is vital because the facts in the ground are changing fast – and the Leave campaign never specified what Brexit would look like.

“With the economic risks of an extreme Brexit being laid bare again this week by leaked impact studies, the need for people to have a final say has increased once again.

“In the coming months I will be working with parliamentary colleagues from all parties to secure people’s right to a vote on the final deal because I truly believe that our democracy will be enhanced if the people who started this process are given the final word on it.”

Her letter appeared yesterday (Wednesday 31 January) on the second day of a House of Lords debate on the bill that would enact Brexit in law.

  1. Leo Reply

    She should have been locked up after the Balcombe debacle…

    • TC Reply

      Why? I am not a huge fan of her or her party but if only the rest of MP’s had half the passion she did.

      Also I agree with her on this it is looking more and more likely that brexit will be really bad for the UK surely we should have a vote on What it will actually happen?

  2. Simon Reply

    Good luck to her. The sooner we can drop this Brexit rubbish the sooner MPs can get back to what they should be doing.

  3. Debs Reply

    When would you ever agree to a contract without knowing what’s in it? This is way too important. We need to look at the deal in full and take a vote when we know exactly what the benefits and risks are.

  4. Spencer Payne Reply

    She needs to respect the verdict. Full cream Brexit please. No customs union. No single market

    • Richard Lawson Reply

      You want a full cream Brexit on the basis of 52/48 in a vote based on Lies on a Bus and driven by a bunch of foreign based right wing ideologues with more money than manners? Best you could expect on that margin should be a blue passport.

      Caroline is making perfect sense. Pity the official Labour Party doesn’t listen to her more.

  5. Robert Steel Reply

    Well said Caroline Lucas (again!). As someone has already said, if a few Labour MPs had half her energy, passion and comittment we would not be in the deep hole that we are. We desperately need more Greens in Parliament if Lucas is even half typical of what they can bring to the country.

  6. Barney Reply

    Like they used to say about Thatcher, she’s not as green as she thinks WE are.

    There was never going to be a “brexit”. It was just a meaningless exercise, and because the MAJORITY voted the “wrong” way, they want us to keep voting until we “get it right”, exactly as they did with Ireland.

    We don’t live in a democracy. We’re told what to do, what to say, what to think and how to vote, and when we disagree with the government, we’re labelled “ignorant” or worse.

    If I wanted to leave a club, which is what the EU is, a millionaires’ club, I’d just leave. No negotiations, no leaving fee, no endless debate. I’d announce my intention to leave, and that would be it.

    Before we were LIED into joining the EEC, we traded with the entire world, including Europe. The only thing stopping us doing that again IS Europe.

    Tell Brussels to “stick it where the sun don’t shine” and let us be BRITAIN again. We were once GREAT Britain, but that was before the corrupt politicians sold us out to the EUSSR.

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