Falling logs close Brighton bogs

Posted On 19 Dec 2018 at 2:09 pm

The public toilets in Pavilion Gardens have been closed for almost a fortnight now after being damaged by a falling branch during stormy weather.

The toilets closed on Friday, December 7 after the toilet building was damaged. Brighton and Hove City Council said it was investigating and they would be opened as soon as possible.

But 12 days later, the building remains closed while the damage is assessed – and this also means that a planned refurbishment is being delayed.

A council spokeswoman said: “The toilets remain closed while we assess the damage.

“The damage to the building is delaying the refurbishments which had been planned to take place this winter. The refurb won’t be able to start until all the damages have been repaired.”

The Pavilion Gardens toilets are already due for an urgent upgrade, which will be paid for partly from income from a new charge for public toilets which is due to start once they have been refurbished.

The money will be used to refurbish 12 public toilets across the city, with the Pavilion Gardens block first on the list. When the plans were approved at committee in October, the work was scheduled to take place this winter.

The council has put aside £550,000 in its capital investment programme for the refurbishments, and toilet management contractor Healthmatic is contributing £602,000.

The charges are expected to generate about £70,000 a year.

  1. Celia steer Reply

    What is going to happen to people like me that need to use the disabled toilet if no one is there to open it have to pay (if got theright change)

  2. Joe Stains Reply

    Toilets; it’s a dirty, filthy stinking word, and they are dirty, filthy stinking things.

    However it is disgraceful that so many ‘conveniences’ are closed; if I am in town and I need a dump, where am I supposed to go? In a hedge or somebodys garden?

    • Lucy Reply

      I love a good dump, me…

  3. Vinegar Tom Reply

    God-Bless all types of toilets…

  4. Stephen Nash Reply

    I have absolutely the worst diet in the world; I’ll eat almost anything, and plenty of it. Consequently, I do need to go to the toilet quite often.

    It’s most unpleasant to be out and about In Brighton and not have anywhere to void my bowels. You would think that given the high amount of Council Tax that we pay, more public toilets would be available in and around Brighton. Even a toll fee of 20p-30p would be acceptable if it meant that we had less of a paucity of conveniences in the city.

  5. pilgrim Reply

    in the mean-time, where is the nearest? the bookies on north street, make a ten pee bet on the slot machine (not owned by council)? royal pavilion (nearly owned by council, £5 quid to get in)? pizza place new road ect …

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