Thousands join Climate Strike march through Brighton and Hove

Posted On 20 Sep 2019 at 12:12 pm

by Extinction Rebellion

Up to 7,000 schoolchildren and environmental protesters have taken to the streets of Brighton and Hove today to call for more action to combat climate change.

A huge crowd gathered at Hove Lawns this morning, where they were addressed by Brighton’s Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Sussex Police estimated that at noon, between five and seven thousand people were taking part.

The crowd has now started to make its way through the city en route to the Level where campaigners including Green MEP and Mayor of Brighton and Hove Alex Phillips will speak.

  1. A Renaissance Of Beef-Eating... Reply

    I wonder how much mess and rubbish these children (who call themselves ‘Euro Brats’) will leave-behind afterwards, just as they always do when they engage in so-called climate action.

    And why do they always leave their placards behind? I suppose mummy doesnt like a mess being made in the boot of the Volvo…

    • C Reply

      I did the whole march and FYI I only noticed 2 pieces of rubbish on the roads for the whole march.

    • Ashley Reply

      They most certainly do not call themselves Euro Brats, and the only rubbish here is what you’re spouting. You sound old and bitter.

    • V Starling Reply

      Disgusting comment. You should be ashamed of yourself. I am glad these children are better than the older generation because if the planet has a chance, surely is not because of you.

  2. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Meanwhile, it is hardly surprising to find that, over in the Argus, there are the usual sneers about this heartening day in the clapped-out “readers’ comments”. Rising generations will not bother with it.

  3. John McGee Reply

    Strange that these kids weren’t protesting every Friday during the summer holiday; but of course, they didn’t have to be in school then…

    • Ashley Reply

      There were climate protests in the summer, you just weren’t paying attention.

  4. David Grinsted Reply

    Wonder how many parents own a car or have been on a plane for a holiday

    • Richard Fedder Reply

      Excuse me! Is your implication that everyone who wants to solve the climate crisis has to go live off the grid where they can have no meaningful political interaction with the world. In other words, by this bogus claim of hypocrisy, you hope to silence them.

      The climate crisis was not caused by me driving a car – one that gets 70 mpg, I might add, as a plug in hybrid — It is caused by society subsidizing automobiles over public transportation, and by Exxon deliberately sowing climate doubt after their scientists figured out with a high degree of accuracy back in the 1970’s that this day of reckoning was coming. No one says that each individual picking up a piece of trash is going to bring the climate under control. We need to change key structures in our society to use clean energy and regenerative agriculture.

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