Spread of parking zones described as ‘death by a thousand cuts’

The council’s approach to bringing in new controlled parking zones was described as like “death by a thousand cuts”.

Conservative councillor Lee Wares criticised the piecemeal way that parking zones were created which then displaced the problem to neighbouring areas.

He said: “Everywhere wants something done because people are fed up with displacement today or waiting for what is coming around the corner.

“They want to get to the front of the queue because they know what’s coming three or four years down the line.”

When Brighton and Hove City Council brought in residents’ parking permits in Hanover and Elm Grove, he said, the displacement left people in the Coombe Road area in shock.

He said: “We do not want residents experiencing 10 years of misery. Why not just see to the rest of the city.

“The time has come when we have to bite the bullet and do something massive on a citywide scale.”

Green councillor Pete West said that the Conservatives had previously resisted any form of controlled parking by “kicking and screaming”. He said: “We have got to find another way forward.

“We cannot tell people just waking up to displacement from the next scheme going forward, telling them they’re not going to get into the queue until 2024 or after that.

“We cannot ask people to wait that long to solve a problem not of their making.”

The council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee was told that a consultation is currently under way for a controlled parking zone in South Portslade. It follows displacement from the latest schemes in West Hove.

At Hove Town Hall last night (Tuesday 8 October) the committee agreed a new four-year programme of reviews and consultations.

Next year people in the Surrenden area will be asked whether they want resident parking after they suffered displacement from earlier schemes.

A review is due to take place of the zone J area around London Road railway station next year where the parking zone has grown, giving rise to concerns about “internal commuting”.

And the new zone P – covering a number of streets east of Hove Park – is also due to be reviewed late next year.

Other reviews and consultations are due to take place in parts of West Hove, north and south of the railway line, as well as in Roedean and Hollingdean.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Parking zones are not “death by a thousand cuts”; automobiles are: over 1.35 million people are killed each year.

    • Your Local Plumber Reply

      When you book a plumber, do you make them take the bus?

      When you need a builder, will you make them carrier their scaffold poles on a bicycle?

      Yeah, it is all very well stopping people from having the choice of owning a car in the city. But you are also driving away the tradespeople. We can’t work in this city now due to the parking. And living in Coombe Road is getting much worse as all the taxis and vans are being parked here overnight meaning I can’t park near my house to enable me to load and unload any more.

      You live in your own little world so clearly don’t see the issues displacement is causing. I wish I could carry all my work tools on the bus, but it isn’t feasible and would add £80 to the customer bill to cover the extra time required.

      And where did you get your fantasy figure of 1.35 million killed? The UK has some of the lowest figures in Europe. Exaggeration never helps any cause.

    • Paula Reply

      And your point is?….

  2. Graham Payne Reply

    Residents parking permits should be free included in council tax, make the income from offenders. But then the present system is irreversable isn’t it.But Council have made their initial set up and running costs already.

  3. Joe Reply

    What the plumber said 👍👍👍👍

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