Diverted lorry hits house

Posted On 10 Mar 2020 at 8:48 pm

A lorry on diversion from roadworks has hit a house in Hanover this evening.

Firefighters are on the scene and at 8.40pm both Southover Street and Belgrave Street were closed to traffic.

The damaged house is on Billam Terrace, part of Belgrave Street.

Resident Sue Avery has been told to stay to the back of the house while the fire safety check it is still structurally sound.

She said: “All evening we had heavy traffic coming along Belgrave Street.

“Five lorries turned that corner this evening.

“The McDonalds lorry went up on the pavement and hit my wheelie bin.

“Then as he reversed he took a corner of my house with him – and our neighbour’s car.”

By Annemarie Morris

She now fears she will have to move out while the house is made safe, which will be unsettling for her autistic son.

The lorry was branded with McDonald’s logos.

Another one was seen attempting to negotiate Southover Street higher up the hill earlier in the evening.

By Rowena May

A National Express coach and a double decker bus have also been spotted in Hanover streets this evening.

Traffic is being diverted through Hanover this evening because of overnight resurfacing of roads, part of the Valley Gardens project.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Who organised this folly of a diversion?

    • Chris Reply

      Presumably someone who has either never been to the area and seen how narrow the streets are, or someone who has no idea how much space large vehicles need to turn. Possibly both of these scenarios. Either way, it’s a folly (putting it politely)as you say.

  2. Diana Woollard Reply

    Whilst being diverted via Belgrave Road thought that residents must have been really annoyed.Surely the diversion could have been more thoughtful. Especially after in light of what happened. Surely a better route would have been via Eastern Road,QueensPark Road, Elm Grove and back on to Lewes Road!!!
    But hey what do I know not lived in Brighton for 45 years.

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