Could the i360 be turned into a giant sundial?

One man’s attempt to turn Brighton’s most controversial tourist attraction into the world’s biggest sundial goes before Brighton and Hove City Councillors next week.

A petition calling for marking on the pavement around the i360 showing the time and date goes before the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on Tuesday 23 June.

In his petition, John Kapp said the i360’s parallel sides and lack of overshadowing, makes it a perfect sundial.

The petition states: “We wish to create an educational attraction that demonstrates how our ancient ancestors developed the measurement of time and date by creating dial plats around a vertical post used gnomon.

“This requires the marking of the pavements of Kingsway, Regency Square, Preston Street, Hampton Place and Waitrose car park, for which this petition seeks permission.”

The project is similar to Augustus’ sundial outside the Italian parliament.

There are currently 20 signatures on the ePetition which closes on 22 June.

It is on the city council website alone with other active petitions at

  1. BrightonReader Reply

    good idea as long as it’s dobne better than the badly painted raibow

  2. Told you so Reply

    Could we have figures for how much this structure currently owes in rent and interest payments to the good people of Brighton and Hove?

  3. roy pennington Reply

    June 20th 21:44 = will i360 do free trip at dawn?

  4. JohnM Reply

    To work properly the i360 will have to be tilted at 50.8 degrees towards the North. Will it still function after this modification ?

    If not it will only tell the correct (Sun) time at midday.

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