Coronavirus rate triples in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 05 Oct 2020 at 8:37 am

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The number of official coronavirus cases in Brighton and Hove has almost tripled with the inclusion of backdated test results.

A technical glitch meant some older test results from last month had not been included in the official statistics. Saturday saw 21 new cases added and Sunday 41 to Brighton and Hove’s tally for the last few days.

Their inclusion now means there were 39 cases for the week up to 24 September, up from the previously recorded figure of 31. But the figure for the next week – to 1 October – has shot up even more, to 100 cases, and more could be added.

Many university towns have seen their rates increase sharply as students return, both increasing the population but also the demographic amongst whom the virus is currently spreading most quickly.

The government map of cases says there are 12 cases around Falmer where most university halls of residence are, plus six in Hanover and six in Elm Grove, both areas with large numbers of student houses. The map is based on test results from 24 to 30 September.

The opening of East Brighton test centre may also have impacted results – although it’s not clear whether more tests have been allocated to the south which had previuosly had testing rationed while resources were concentrated on northern virus hotspots.

The student website Sussex Tab is reporting that another mobile test centre is operating for three days on Falmer Campus – and the University of Sussex is asking for it to stay for longer.

The University of Sussex said on Friday it had ten positive cases, one of which was a student living on campus. The Tab has reported that a number of students in Northfield have been told to self isolate.

It reports that in an email was sent to students, the University of Sussex said: “The unit is for symptomatic testing and those people requiring the service should book an appointment through the national booking system.

“This will help any students currently living on campus, who are concerned about having symptoms to seek a test and hopefully receive one onsite.”

“The mobile testing unit is purposely positioned on the edge of campus, and close to university residences making it easy for students to access.

“Having a mobile testing unit on campus has been made possible as a result of successful partnership working with the University, local council and PHE.

“Provision of testing sites in the area is determined by the Public Health Authority working with central government; we will do all that we can to retain the facility on site.”

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