Portslade councillor shares covid vaccine scam warning

Posted On 04 Jan 2021 at 6:39 pm

A Portslade councillor has shared a warning about an alleged new coronavirus scam, taking advantage of eagerness for the new vaccines.

Councillor Peter Atkinson

Councillor Peter Atkinson, who represents North Portslade on Brighton and Hove City Council, said that he had been alerted to the scam on social media.

The post said: “Warning to all people due to have the covid vaccine.

“My dad just got an NHS text telling him to complete a form for his first vaccine. All official looking NHS form with all his details on.

“He completed the from until at the end it then asked to confirm his bank details.

“He phoned the doctors surgery who confirmed this is a scam but a very well organised scam.

“So please warn all parents and grandparents to be careful and confirm any forms like this with your doctor or NHS.

“This a bloody awful scam from low life.”

Councillor Atkinson said: “I’m disgusted and appalled at this scam.

“To try to use covid and the vaccination programme to defraud and steal from vulnerable people totally defies belief.

“I’ve asked the police to publicise this as much as possible and pass the info on to the local and national online fraud trading standards teams.”

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