Preview: Spiegel: Heart of the Fringe By The Establishment with Beach Without Sand

Posted On 10 May 2022 at 8:16 am

The hosts of this show are stalwarts of the Circus and Cabaret scene at the Fringe. The duo that is The Establishment have been hilarious every time I have seen them. They will have a wealth of talent to choose from for this showcase from what I have seen so far on offer at the Festival. I know Kiki La Hula will be performing who has the notable talent of being able to hula hoop and roller skate at the same time! Come along to this show and support the worthy cause of Clowns Without Borders. This charity brings the joy of clowning to children in famine and war-torn territories. Can’t beat that for a bit of direct action to counteract the hideous war mongering of our world leaders can you? Who are the real clowns??? All respect to the Clowns!

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