Brighton chippy told to remove ‘garish’ outdoor seating and signs

Posted On 12 May 2022 at 8:59 am

A Brighton chippy has failed in its bid to get permission for a “garish” outdoor seating area and “unsightly” oversized signs.

Fish and Chips at the bottom of Preston Street built the concrete ramp and seating area on the pavement outside the restaurant and installed the signs in March 2020.

However, owner  Abbanoub Salama did not apply for permission for the work until July 2021, more than a year later.

Now, Brighton and Hove City Council has refused both planning applications, which means the restaurant could face enforcement action if they are not removed.

Planning officer Emily Stanbridge wrote reports outlining reasons why each application should be refused.

Of the outside seating, including the marble tiling, handrails and chequerboard floor, she said: “The existing arrangement appears crude, poorly designed and at odds with the appearance of the front elevation and other seating areas on Preston Street which retain an open character.

“In addition, it is considered that the flooring also interrupts the material palette with an unsuitable pattern. The black and white tiles are visually intrusive over such a large, raised frontage.

“The ground floor columns and stall riser have been clad in marble whilst the fascia and first floor level have been clad in glazed tiles.

“The existing marble cladding does not fit flush with the tiling and does not align with the window heads. The treatment of this elevation appears at odds with the render treatment that is typical for the area.

“Whilst it is noted that the appearance of other buildings in places is contrasting, the application site does nothing to improve the appearance of the building or wider conservation area.”

Of the signs, she said: “Overall, it is considered that the choice of material, the excessive size and the positioning of the signage in relation to the host building, would appear out of character and harm the appearance of the shopfront and wider streetscene.”

Among those objecting was an organisation whose details were redacted, but which said it was objecting on behalf of people living in the Regency Square area.

It said: “In 2017 a former business at these premises, Meze Club Mediterranean Cuisine, installed temporary wooden seating and decking. No planning approval was sought for these temporary structures.

“The current applicant has replaced those temporary wooden structures with permanent concrete and tiling, effectively claiming the pedestrian public right of way as though part of the business premises.

“Without commenting on the legality or otherwise of this blatant land-grab, it must be stressed that the proposed (now retrospective) development in no way respects or improves the character of the Regency Square Conservation Area.

“The work has produced a hugely incongruous garish utterly out of keeping blight in a conservation area.”

No enforcement notice has yet been served.

Last summer, the chippy failed in a bid to get a series of temporary late licences, which it applied for in the hope of proving it would not add to drink-related crime and disorder in the area.

Mr Salama’s previous application for a permanent 5am licence had been rejected in April.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Yet another case of somebody thinking that he can get away without seeking Planning Permission. This hideous structure has to go.

  2. Hove Guy Reply

    He should be made to restore the pavement back to its previous state, and get rid of the garish frontage, which is an unbelievably hideous reflection of his arrogance.

  3. Lulu Reply

    Should be fined also.Restore the street how it was before.

    • George Silver Reply

      Your awkward mentality and terrible taste should be fined too. A nice design like this and you think its bad? I suggest that you have your eyes and common sense checked out out before its too late…

  4. Simon Philips Reply

    To say Mr Chippy’s outdoor area is not in keeping with the conservation area Preston Street is in is the funniest thing I’ve read about in ages as Preston Street has to be the tackiest street in Brighton and the rare occasions I’ve walked the street, it’s full of over filling bins and bin bags that litter the Street!
    Preston Street long ago left the conservation style of the area along with West Street.
    Thankfully the sky high parking deters me from going to these ‘conservation areas’ which I find a blessing!

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