Hopeful Labour council candidates clean Woodingdean sign

Posted On 17 Feb 2023 at 2:48 pm

Two Labour candidates hoping to win seats on Brighton and Hove City Council at the elections in May have cleaned the road sign welcoming traffic to Woodingdean.

Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle asked members from Woodingdean Labour to clean the sign after a request to his office from a local resident.

The resident complained that the sign was “filthy and almost impossible to read at night”.

Mr Russell-Moyle said on Facebook: “Instead of contacting the council officers on the weekend, Jacqui and Jacob from Woodingdean Labour were on the case.

“Let’s get these two on to the council in May.”

The newly clean sign proved popular on social media, with the MP’s post being liked 487 times.

Jacob Allen, Labour candidate for Woodingdean, said: “Sometimes it’s quicker to do it yourself than go through bureaucratic procedures.

“I’m so glad that putting aside some time of my weekend has made such an impact in the community.

“Jacqui Simon and I organise WoodingClean which is always trying to keep our corner of the city tidy and litter-free.”

WoodingClean’s next event is on Saturday 15 April at the Woodingdean Community Centre from 10am.

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    Well done Jacob and Jacqui!

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