New Sainsbury's for Preston Park

Posted On 30 Nov 2009 at 9:07 pm

Sainsbury’s is preparing to open a supermarket in Preston Village, Brighton, despite opposition from residents before the company had even announced its plans.

The Argus reports tonight that the supermarket giant plans to open a 3,000 sq ft Sainsbury’s Local on the former Caffyn’s car dealership site in Preston Road next year.

Already more than 50 people have joined a Facebook group set up six weeks ago to oppose the scheme.

It’s creator, Anna Michelle Hinton, said: “Preston is a small and unique community and many residents are concerned about the inevitable closure of local businesses, increased traffic problems and damage to the historic character of the area which a Sainsbury’s will cause.”

Sainsbury’s says the new store will create 30 jobs.

  1. David Garcia Reply

    What local businesses? Only a bunch of lazy third rate enterises are at risk. There are no local shops that sell anything fresh or useful. If we had any decent bakers, butchers, fishmongers or chemists in Preston Park I would gladly join the protests but given the lack of anything other than third rate shops I for one will welcome the arrival of Sainsburies.

    David Garcia

  2. nick j Reply

    i agree with David, the residents of our area have long awaited something useful to be done with the site and given the distance we have to travel to reach a shop if anything else is needed other then a chocolate bar and maybe 1/2 pint of milk i personally welcome the arrival of sainsburys in this area.

  3. veronica bennett Reply

    I think David’s comments are a bit harsh, the deli does fantastic sandwiches. I do agree the convenience store is definitely third rate though!

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