Speed limit changes on busy Hove hill

Posted On 14 Jan 2011 at 3:30 am

The speed limit on one of Brighton and Hove’s steepest and busiest hills is being altered.

The last time it was changed, the road became a mobile speed camera trap, with dozens of motorists being caught at a time.

The 50mph limit covering the top part of the A2038 King George VI Avenue – known locally as Snakey Hill – in Hove is being cut to 40mph.

And part of the road nearer the dip by Toad’s Hole Valley and the Goldstone Valley will have a higher speed limit.

Traffic at the foot of the hill is currently restricted to 30mph but the limit will go up to 40mph when the legal changes come into force on Monday (17 January).

The road links Hangleton and West Blatchington to the A27 Brighton bypass.

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