Full list of candidates for Brighton and Hove elections

Posted On 05 Apr 2011 at 3:54 pm

The deadline for candidates to submit their nomination papers for the local elections on Thursday 5 May has passed.

Candidates had until noon yesterday (Monday 4 April) to formally declare that they would stand for a seat on Brighton and Hove City Council.

Voters will choose 54 councillors to represent them in 21 wards.

Some wards have two seats and some have three, as indicated.

Sitting councillors are denoted with an asterisk.

Elections are also being held for Rottingdean Parish Council.

Eleven candidates will contest the nine seats.

They are listed at the end of this report.

Brunswick and Adelaide

2 seats

Ray Barnes Labour

Adam Nicholas Campbell Conservative

Mark Robert Cribb UK Independence Party

*Paul Elgood Liberal Democrat

Richard Latham Conservative

Phelim MacCafferty Green

Rob Macey Labour

Brian Stone Liberal Democrat

Ollie Sykes Green

*David Watkins Independent

Central Hove

2 seats

Anthea Ballam Green

Celia Anne Barlow Labour

Mark Lawrence Collins Liberal Democrat

Chris Hawtree Green

Caroline Anne Penn Labour

Rebecca Charlotte Taylor Liberal Democrat

Andrew John Wealls Conservative

*Jan Young Conservative

East Brighton

3 seats

Peter Booth Conservative

Paul Jonathan Chandler Liberal Democrat

Lianna Etkind Green

Alison Ghanimi Green

*Gill Mitchell Labour and Co-Operative Party

*Warren Gavin Morgan Labour and Co-Operative Party

Bruce Graham Neave Liberal Democrat

Bill North Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Kelvin Poplett Conservative

Chris Sandland Conservative

Pip Tindall Green

*Craig Turton Labour and Co-Operative Party


3 seats

John Aloy Liberal Democrat

Ruth Buckley Green

Rob Buckwell Conservative

*Melanie Davis Labour and Co-Operative Party

Rob Jarrett Green

Nigel Jenner Labour and Co-Operative Party

Debra Kirstie Livingstone-Wade Conservative

Adam James Love Conservative

Andrew Mailing Liberal Democrat

Gloria Parks Liberal Democrat

*Alexandra Louise Rosenfield Phillips Green

Lis Telcs Labour and Co-Operative Party

Hangleton and Knoll

3 seats

Martin Ashby Green

*Dawn Barnett Conservative

Adele Bates Green

Lawrence David Collins Liberal Democrat

Nic Compton Green

Brian Roger Fitch Labour

Dominic John Ford Labour

Jo Heard Independent

Michael Andrew James Ireland Conservative

*Tony Janio Conservative

Alun Wynne Jones Labour

Dinah Margaret Staples Liberal Democrat

Hanover and Elm Grove

3 seats

Leo Barraclough Labour

Elliot Jonathon James Eke Liberal Democrat

Rosemary Faulkner Conservative

Matt Follett Green

Belkasim Hassan Gahran Liberal Democrat

Tracey Hill Labour

Roger McCabe Conservative

Karen Miles Conservative

Raymond John Parker Liberal Democrat

*Bill Randall Green

Jon Redford Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

David Speirs Labour

Liz Wakefield Green

Hollingdean and Stanmer

3 seats

Rachael Emma Bates Conservative

Nigel David Carter UK Independence Party

Phil Clarke Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Oliver Richard Henry Eke Liberal Democrat

Tony Greenstein Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Emma Claire Louise Harrop Liberal Democrat

Lillian Odette Harrop Liberal Democrat

*Pat Hawkes Labour and Co-Operative Party

Dave Hill Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Rob Labs Conservative

*Jeane Lepper Labour and Co-Operative Party

Patrick Lowe Conservative

*Sven Rufus Green

*Christine Simpson Labour and Co-Operative Party

Christina Summers Green

Luke Walter Green

Hove Park

2 seats

*Jayne Patricia Bennett Conservative

*Vanessa Brown Conservative

John Cooper Labour

Anna Gerrard Liberal Democrat

Gavin Graham Green

Bernie Katz Labour

Manrico Oliveri Liberal Democrat

Jane Prisley Green

Sasha Louise Stephens UK Independence Party

Moulsecoomb and Bevendean

3 seats

Dave Bangs Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Allie Cannell Green

*Maria Caulfield Conservative

Kelly Dibbert Green

*Ayas Fallon-Khan Conservative

Leigh Farrow Labour and Co-Operative Party

*Mo Marsh Labour and Co-Operative Party

*Anne Meadows Labour and Co-Operative Party

Amelia Mills Green

Cath Slater Conservative

North Portslade

2 seats

*Trevor John Alford Conservative

*Bob Carden Labour

Jacob Chapman Green

Theo Child Independent

Penny Gilbey Labour

Ali Haydor Liberal Democrat

Billie Lewis Liberal Democrat

Maria McCallum UK Independence Party

Kerry Ann Underhill Conservative

Dave Walsh Green


3 seats

Rosemary Collins Labour

Lawrence Anthony Parkhouse Eke Liberal Democrat

Christopher Hurley Liberal Democrat

Geraldine Keenan Green

Linda McRae Green

Christine Moody Labour

Jatin Patel Labour

*Brian William Pidgeon Conservative

*Carol Ann Theobald Conservative

*Geoffrey Trevor Theobald Conservative

Hugh Woodhouse Green

Philip Kevin Wray UK Independence Party

Preston Park

3 seats

*Kevin Allen Labour

Yuri Borgmann-Prebil European Citizens Party

Clive Stanley Brimmell Conservative

Georgina Anne Dore Conservative

Tallulah Frankland Liberal Democrat

Mike Jones Green

*Amy Noelle Kennedy Green

Leo Littman Green

Tim Lunnon Labour

*Juliet McCaffery Labour

William Mills Conservative

Lee Shingles Liberal Democrat

Keith Tipping Liberal Democrat

Queen’s Park

3 seats

Mohammed Asaduzzaman Independent

Geoffrey Bowden Green

Philip Brownlie Conservative

Daniel Anthony Chapman Labour

Christopher Martyn Cooke Labour

*Ben Duncan Green

Tom French Labour

Jacob Frohawk-Mclucas Liberal Democrat

Anne Glow Conservative

Stephanie Powell Green

Brian Ralfe Independent

Elizabeth Mary O’Keefe Robinson Liberal Democrat

Gail Woodcock Conservative


2 seats

James Edward Asser Labour

Andrew Daniel Clifford Hancox Conservative

Gareth Jones Liberal Democrat

Ania Kitcat Green

*Jason Kitcat Green

Michael James MacFarlane Conservative

Larissa Rowe Liberal Democrat

Dan Wilson Labour

Rottingdean Coastal

3 seats

Michael Robert Adams Labour

Andrew Coleman Green

Harry Dienes Liberal Democrat

Rebecca Duffy Green

Harris Fitch Labour

Tony Frisby Labour

Stuart Hay Green

*Lynda Hyde Conservative

*Mary Mears Conservative

Paul William Perrin UK Independence Party

Barry Pinchen UK Independence Party

*David Smith Conservative

St Peter’s and North Laine

3 seats

Clare Joanna Mary Calder Labour

Sabiha Choudhury UK Independence Party

*Ian Davey Green

*Lizzie Deane Green

Peter Richard Gillman Labour

James Hallwood Labour

Graham Roy Hunnable Liberal Democrat

Mike Long Conservative

Gerald O’Brien Independent

William Frederick Charles Parker Liberal Democrat

David John Sears Liberal Democrat

Joseph Cornelius Tansey Conservative

Patrick John Donald Ward Conservative

*Pete West Green

South Portslade

2 seats

Peter Thomas Denyer Liberal Democrat

*Leslie Arthur Hamilton Labour

Stephen Charles Harbor-Wade Conservative

*Steve Harmer-Strange Conservative

Cathy Marchand Green

Ken Rist Liberal Democrat

Alan Robins Labour

Steve Watson Green


2 seats

June Marie Batchelor Liberal Democrat

Simon Battle Labour

*Denise Lorraine Cobb Conservative

Susan Patricia Collard European Citizens Party

Ray Cunningham Green

Louisa Greenbaum Green

*Brian William Oxley Conservative

Coreen Sears Liberal Democrat

Jacqueline Teeboon Labour


2 seats

Richard Martin Allden UK Independence Party

Bob Bailey Liberal Democrat

Mark Anthony Barnard Independent

Jenny Barnard-Langston Independent

Sue Baumgardt Green

*Ted Kemble Conservative

*Garry Ian Michael Peltzer Dunn Conservative

Anne Louise Pissaridou Labour

Christine Sandra Robinson Labour

Daniel Russell Liberal Democrat

Anton Simanowitz Green


3 seats

Caraline Sarah Brown Labour

Jacqui Cuff Green

Susan Elizabeth Darby Labour

Fraser Gregory Kemp Labour

Hyder Kemal Khalil Liberal Democrat

John Lovatt Liberal Democrat

Robert Németh Conservative

*Ann Norman Conservative

*Ken Norman Conservative

Paul Philo Green

Sue Shanks Green

Robert Stockman Liberal Democrat


2 seats

Susan Jane Burns Labour and Co-Operative Party

Christine-Reba Joy Edge Liberal Democrat

Anthony Richard Henry Eke Liberal Democrat

Andrea Mary Finch Green

Julian Hayes Labour and Co-Operative Party

Karen James Green

*Dee Simson Conservative

Graham John Townsend UK Independence Party

*Geoff Wells Conservative

Rottingdean Parish Council

9 seats

John Alan Bryant

*John Richard Bustard

*Frank Considine

Anthony Laurence Delow

*Kenneth Richard Humphreys

Brian Reginald Frank Parsons

*Barry Pinchen

*Geoffrey William Rhodes

Raymond Ernest Sheath

*Bill Spencer

Bob Webzell

  1. Valerie Paynter, saveHOVE Reply

    Most interesting to note is Wish Ward: 2 former Conservative councillors who defected to the Lib Dems, now clearly disillusioned with party politics and running as Independents. Jenny also served a term as Mayor and stood for the Conservatives as PPC for Hove soon after her first husband died.

    We do need Independent councillors but when we get them, they are either irrelevant, ruthlessly sidelined and left off committees (when there is a clear majority Administration), or, in a hung council with no overall majority, they have votes to sell to the highest bidder in horsetrading that could benefit their wards (Brunswick & Adelaide under the 2 LibDems, Paul Elgood & David Watkins).

    This of course happened in 2007 when LibDem David Watkins voted with Labour on planning just weeks ahead of the Local Election then – his one vote allowing the Karis/Frank Gehry planning application to gain consent. He backed it. Labour put weak candidates into Brunswick & Adelaide and the 2 Lib Dems were returned in May 2007 to serve another term. But perhaps it was a coincidence and David Watkins truly believed Gehry’s tin can towers and the massive swamping of the seafront with hundreds and hundreds of flats at King Alfred was A. Good. Idea. I have never forgiven him.

    Independents can split votes which is a kind of tactical move if they choose a ward wisely in order to help particular candidates. When I & Brian Ralfe stood in Westbourne in 2003 for the Lib Dems – then a tight marginal – I split the Labour vote in half and the Conservative vote remained exactly as before and they won. I freaked out the Lib Dems by getting a very obviously green election flyer printed for myself, even coloured green….coded message there, a foot in each camp.

    Parties manage close marginals danger by cutting deals with each other. There was considerable rage in Labour ranks in 2003 – seething rage, because they thought they had a deal with the Lib Dems that no candidate would stand there. Got that shouted at me by a former Labour Councillor. Without myself and Brian Ralfe, Labour would have had a much stronger hand.

    This time former Labour Councillor Simon Battle who did not stand again in Goldsmid in 2007 will be standing for Labour in Westbourne. He poses a real threat to Denise Cobb in my view. Watch that space!

    Party politics is a filthy, filthy, filthy – permafilthy – business and it is very hard to think of a way out of the mess of politicians with no special knowledge or capabilities being voted into positions of power that very, very few use well or wisely.

    If only residents took more interest in council meetings, looked at the webcam coverage at least (live or archived), so they had some idea of the worth of these people beyond the doorstep charm offensive…..votes really do need to be for individuals and not political parties. There is good and bad, saintly self-sacrifice serving alongside plain evil in every one of them.

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