Brighton drug dealer told to hand over £19k or spend another year in jail

Posted On 23 Jun 2011 at 10:34 pm

Drug dealer Anton Duchesne has been ordered to hand over £19,000 which he is believed to have made from selling cocaine and cannabis.

Duchesne, 38, formerly of Sillwood Road, Brighton, was jailed in January for four years in total for having both drugs with intent to supply.

He went on the run five years ago when police raided his flat and found £48,000 in cash and drugs worth an estimated £90,000.

The haul included 3.5kg of cannabis, 500g of cocaine, a gun and a hunting knife.

Officers from Thames Valley Police arrested Duchesne in Oxford last autumn after an appeal on the BBC TV programme Crimewatch.

Last week he was brought before Hove Crown Court for a confiscation hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

A judge ordered on Friday (17 June) that he must hand over £18,980 within the next six months or face a further year in prison.

The sum is on top of the £45,000 forfeited at the time of the police raid in January 2006.

Detective Sergeant Mick Richards, of the Sussex Police Money Laundering Team, said: “This case shows that we do not give up on criminality.

“Duchesne did everything he could to avoid arrest for nearly four years but ultimately he failed and we have now been able to strip him of further criminal profits.”

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