Tesco to open another store in Hove

Posted On 24 Jun 2011 at 2:41 am

Tesco is to open another store in Brighton and Hove.

The supermarket chain plans to open a shop in West Way, Hangleton, on the site of the furniture store Hamseys.

Hamseys is due to close on Saturday 9 July. It occupies the old Co-op premises.

The Co-op closed the branch after taking over Alldays just around the corner in Hangleton Road.

The number of Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores in the area has drawn criticism and been the subject of controversy, particularly in Lewes Road, where Tesco dropped plans for a shop after protests.

Concerns have been expressed that the two supermarket companies in particular threaten small local grocers and similar established businesses.

At the moment there are 30 shops and a petrol station store close to the Grenadier pub which is opposite the site of the latest Tesco in West Way.

Twenty seven of these are occupied with the range of shops including the Co-op, a traditional bakery, a sandwich shop, four takeaways, a butcher’s, two pet shops, two chemists and two newsagents.

Well served

One shopper in Hangleton said yesterday: “We’re very well served at the Grenadier.

“But I don’t think Tesco would be coming here if it hadn’t done its homework and spotted enough of an opportunity.

“At least a dozen of the shops around here will be up against it.

“They have a lot of loyal local customers but Tesco will be a big draw no matter what anyone says.

“People moan about Tesco but a lot of them still they shop there and that’s partly because they’re always very competitive on price.

“And you can bet Tesco will be open early and shut late too.

“There are no charity shops here like there are down George Street and Blatchington Road – and I don’t expect Tesco to show any charity to its rivals.

“It will be interesting to see what effect it does have on the other shops in the coming months.

“As there are a couple of bookies, I’ve at least got a choice if I want to have a flutter on their chances of surviving.

“One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t bet against Tesco coming out on top.”

Tesco already has five stores in Hove, five in Brighton and another in Portslade as well as the superstore at Holmbush, Shoreham, which is used by many shoppers from Brighton and Hove.

The stores in Hove include the superstore in Church Road.

Tesco Express stores have opened at the Palmeira Square end of Western Road, Hove, in Denmark Villas, Droveway and Dyke Road by the junction with The Upper Drive.

Portslade has a Tesco Metro in Station Road.

And in Brighton there are Tesco Express stores in Jubilee Street, Queen’s Road, St James’s Street, West Street in Rottingdean and Warren Road in Woodingdean.

  1. lydz Reply

    I think it’s fantastic!

  2. Sam Reply

    It will have competition but, it’s in a good location – right outside a bus stop, so will attract kids coming out of school, or going to school.

  3. Dan Reply

    Doesn’t anyone care about the local small independents. Their hard work and dedication to carry on and make a living in these tremendously hard times? Isn’t it about time we said NO to these fat cats stealing our communities, livelihoods (I known they will employ people, but people will be seen as disposable robots paid a minimum amount), and most of all choice. There is also the issue of the area they propose opening; it is a notorious hangout for the local young people in the community and sadly (not tarring all youths with the same brush), also a magnet for trouble. This will only encourage this because of the inevitable late night opening. I SAY NO TO TESCO!

  4. Robat Reply

    tesco shot every litel shop its not good, no to tesco

  5. sheila munro Reply

    i would like to work in the hangleton branch when it opens in jan 2012.please let me know how to apply if jobs are still avaible,part time not a problem.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    I work at tesco’s and we are being sent emails from headoffice asking us if we wish to transfer to this new tesco express that is openeing on West Way. i’m not trying to criticise my employers or anything but i don’t understand why we are being asked to tranfer to this new one when they are stating in The Argus (http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9372658.New_Hove_Tesco_store_to_sell_alcohol_from_6am/) that they “will bring about 20 jobs to the area”.
    Probably after raising this point, tesco will place some sort of advertisement for ‘new recruits’ even though it already has chosen its employees.

    (sorry to disappoint you Sheila)

  7. sheila munro Reply

    well thats that then.they have already decided who they want,typical tesco,thanks anyway.

  8. Fiqirete Peci Reply

    Hi.I Would really like to work in this store. I have tried to drop my CV somewhere but got no answer so I am living you this message by email and I would be great full if you could give me some advice how to apply.I live in Hangleton 82 Harmsworth crescent BN3 8BU

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