Brighton and Hove commuters face 3.5% hike in train fares

Posted On 19 Aug 2014 at 5:36 pm
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Brighton and Hove commuters could have to fork out almost £180 more  to travel to London each year when fares go up in January.

The Office for National Statistics today announced the July inflation figures, which in turn govern how much rail companies can put up fares for 2015.

They are prevented from increasing them by more than one percentage point above the July inflation rate – 2.5% – which will therefore be 3.5%.

An annual Brighton to London zones 1-6 season ticket is currently a staggering £5,072 – and if it goes up by 3.5% it will cost £5,249.52 – an increase of £177.52.

It is possible the Government could peg increases at the rate of inflation instead, in which case the season ticket would cost £5,198.80.

Other annual season ticket prices and projected prices with the 3.5% increase are:

Brighton to London terminals on First Capital Connect – £3,640 (£3,767.40)

Brighton to London zones 1-6 on First Capital Connect – £3,960 (£4,098.60)

Brighton to London Victoria – £3,972 (£4,111.02)

Brighton to London terminals, any route permitted £4,304 (£4,454)

Brighton to London zones 1-6, any route permitted £5,072 (£5,198.80)



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