Runaway horse spooked by storm races empty cart through Brighton

Posted On 02 Jul 2015 at 6:50 pm

A horse spooked by thunder and lightning galloped through Brighton pulling an empty cart during this afternoon’s thunderstorm.

Lightning strikes during Monday's storm by Jessi ShellThe horse was in a field near Brighton Racecourse when it bolted at about 4pm, tearing along Freshfield Road with another horse and cart in hot pursuit.

It went past St Luke’s School and along Queen’s Park Road before being caught again and calmed down at the Pepperpot.

A resident posting on the Hanover Community Notice Board said: “I was walking up Queens Park Rise to St Luke’s when it went thundering down the road.

“It ran straight over Queens Park Terrace (how it didn’t get hit by a car…) and was still going hell for leather towards the park when I lost sight of it.

“The thunder must have spooked it, the poor thing. A second horse and carriage was in hot pursuit a few minutes later.”

A friend of the horse’s owner reassured people the horse was safely recovered.

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