Brighton free runners spark police helicopter chase

Posted On 06 Apr 2016 at 3:40 pm

The police helicopter was scrambled on Monday night after reports that free runners were on top of a building in New Road.
NPAS Redhill
Police were first called to the building at 8.30pm after reports of men on the roof. After the police helicopter joined in the search, three men were found and spoken to for wasting police time.

People working at the building, which currently has scaffolding up, say this is not the first time free runners have got up onto the roof.

One woman, who asked not to be named, said the first they knew of it was when the police contacted them the morning after.

She said: “We are hoping to have some sort of wall erected. We are a listed building, therefore we are limited to what action we can take.

“The joy runners climb up onto the roofs. One day someone will kill themselves – we are right by an electrical substation, falling into the substation could be fatal.

“Unfortunately what keeps happening is that we have cables and pigeon nets at the rear of the building which keep being damaged by the joy runners.”

A police spokesman said: “Police received a report of men on the roof of a building in New Road, Brighton, at 8.30pm on Monday (4 April).

“Officers attended the scene and the NPAS police helicopter was deployed to carry out an aerial search.

“Three men were located and spoken to for wasting police time.”

  1. Raymond Belle Reply

    Why would the police waste the cobsiderable cost of sending the helicopter to find some people they have no reasonable grounds to suspect having committed a criminal offence? Its incredible that they then had the gall to blame the freerunners for the time they have chosen to waste in finding them.

    • Sally Taylor Reply

      Absolutely agree with you, Raymond Belle.

  2. Rita Snatch Reply

    Because of the damage that they cause to our roofs!
    And because they cold be House Breakers/Burglars!!!

    • Rita Snatch Reply

      *could be*

    • Tom Hartley Reply

      What evidence have you even got to suggest that these were the exact guys who have caused damage. There is also no reasonable suspicion saying that they are what you call ‘house breakers’ ..

      damage could have been caused by bloody Shrek or something

  3. Jacob Williams Reply

    A helicopter… Really?

  4. Jacob Williams Reply

    U shud leaf 4runnaz alome is not lyk thay r hurtin no1!! i dun joy runnin 4 3 yeers now n im rly gdgd! wbu? the pigs shud do joy runin insted of the roflcopters!!1! ;(

  5. Jesstiece Reply

    I love the way you guys in Brighton think your Burglars and Robbers are sophisticated enough to break in via a roof that high, of course people who have that mind set famously possessed by Freerunners everyday – you must of watched way to much Matt Damon and George Clooney movies, Problem is police need helicopter because half of them don’t have an ounce as much hazard perception as any of the Freerunners, society needs to accept the past times of thrill seeking young men such as these exceptionally gifted individuals it isn’t their presence wasting any ones time it’s every day people and their inability to accept that people evolve and won’t remain grounded that’s what Freerunning is about its pursuit and drive that propels them maybe we are just to slow to keep up.

  6. Tom Hartley Reply

    ‘joy runners’ never laughed so much in my life. The police wasted they’re own time , and you guys are a joke. lmao

  7. james Reply

    Rita are you retarded ?. Free runners not burglars….

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