Amber rain warning in force for Brighton and Hove

Posted On 22 Jun 2016 at 10:54 am

An amber weather warning is in place in Brighton and Hove tonight as torrential rain and thunderstorms are expected to batter the south.

Lightning over Newhaven in 2014 by Daniel Partridge

Lightning over Newhaven in 2014 by Daniel Partridge

A yellow warning was already in place for a swathe of England from 6pm tonight until 6am on Friday, but Brighton and Hove is right in the middle of an area now upgraded to amber from 6pm today until 6am on Thursday, which means a moderately high likelihood of high impact.

This is the fourth weather warning for the city to be issued in the past fortnight – and although we were fortunate to miss most of the bad weather forecast last week, torrential rain caused travel chaos on Friday.

The Met Office says: “Although some areas will miss them, potentially intense thundery downpours seem likely to affect parts of the warning area from Wednesday late afternoon or early evening onwards into the early hours of Thursday or Thursday morning.

“Further scattered thunderstorms are then likely to break out from Thursday afternoon onwards into Thursday night.

“Please be aware of possible disruption to travel and localised flooding as well as frequent lightning.

“Increasingly warm and humid air arriving from France later on Wednesday brings with it a risk of thunderstorms. These thunderstorms are likely to occur in a couple of main waves, from Wednesday late afternoon or early evening into early Thursday and a second wave breaking out later on Thursday.

“Where thunderstorms occur torrential rain and frequent lightning are expected, as well as a chance of some hail. 30 mm or more of rain could fall in an hour and locally in excess of 50 mm is possible in two or three hours.

“Parts of southeastern England are considered most likely to be affected; with this in mind an amber warning has been issued for this area from Wednesday evening through until early Thursday.”

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