Black Lives Matter protest planned for Brighton

Posted On 12 Sep 2016 at 9:55 pm

A Black Lives Matter protest march is being planned for Brighton next weekend.

The group behind the march will be holding the march as the Liberal Democrat Party conference gets under way.

The organisers expect a crowd to gather by the fountain at the Old Steine at noon on Sunday (18 September) for a rally with music.

At 12.30pm they plan to march through Brighton to the Synergy Centre, in West Street, where they intend to hold a post-march event from 2pm until the evening.

The route of the march is expected to be via the Aquarium roundabout, the seafront, Preston Street, Western Road and North Street.

Sussex Police said that marchers would use the promenade for the seafront stretch of the route.

  1. Peejaytee Reply

    The “career protesters” are out yet again and their cause is insignificant just as long as they can practise their overflowing attitude. By marching on this protest they appear to be saying that white lives don’t matter !!!!!!!!

    • Jess Reply

      If all you can do is whine about white lives then you are MISSING THE POINT completely.

    • Gloaming Reply

      That’s ludicrous. Black people are literally saying “stop killing us” and your response is to shift the focus onto white people, as if whitey can’t catch a break…. What’s so hard about listening to an oppressed group who are crying out for justice? The reason it’s a black lives matter protest not an ‘all lives matter’ protest is that black people are not afforded the same priveleges as whites. That needs to change.

  2. Bob Pendlebury Reply

    Hi Gloaming…two questions:
    1. In what way are black people not afforded the same privileges as whites in this country? Please explain…also your term “Whitey” is in itself racist.
    2. In what way are black people being “literally killed” as you have stated?

  3. Bob Pendlebury UK Reply

    Gloaming…no reply and there’s a surprise.
    What is your take on the apparent black on black shootings in Finchley yesterday leaving a mother and nephew dead…this wasn’t done by the police was it?

    The Black Lives Matter movement is completely fallacious and based on the American experience, where even there just 2.5% of blacks were killed by the cops (justified or otherwise), the remaining 97.5% were killed by other blacks.

    In the UK, just a tiny number have been killed by the police, such as Mark Duggan, an armed and vicious drug dealing gangster.

    Please don’t insult us with your vitriolic hatred of white people and the police and if you again use the the word “Whitey” as you have done before, will report this as a hate crime as is the fashion these days!

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