Scores of people fall victim to three cup scam on Brighton seafront

Posted On 12 Sep 2016 at 3:54 pm

Police are warning people to be aware of a scam called the ‘three cup scam’ in the city.

During the last two months police have received a high number of calls about the scam operating in the city centre and on the seafront.

Inspector Brian McCarthy said: “This is not a new scam and has been reported to police throughout the UK. Videos can be found online detailing how this scam works but basically a three cup scammer will normally operate with a small mat, three small cups and a small sponge ball.

“The ball is placed under a cup and the cups are moved around the mat. The ball is often shown during movement. The customer is then asked to guess what cup is hiding the ball, but not before having to give between £20 and £50 with the chance to double your money if you guess the correct location of the ball.

“However at the last moment and using sleight of hand the ball is removed from the cup. Stooges are often used to simulate a winning customer and to draw a crowd. The stooges also act as distractions and spotter for approaching police officers.

“Many people have fallen victim to this scam over the summer and large groups of students have been specifically targeted as well as locals. Police have made some arrests under the Gambling Act and would encourage anybody who sees this act to call the police on 101 and report it. Officers are aware and targeting patrols to try to catch this group.

“Don’t be taken in, this is a con and a total waste of money. If you see it report it.”

Learn How To Do The "Cups and Balls" Trick with Magician Chuck Borough from Escondido LibraryYOU on Vimeo.

  1. Jeanne Reply

    Really!? In this day and age? Oldest street scam in the book!

  2. somedude Reply

    uh this has been going around since the bronze age ffs
    s , if you are taken in by this you deserve to be done over!

  3. James H Reply

    Also the crowds are used by their pickpockting teams. Theyll have a huge crew.

  4. Charlotte Reply

    I hate it happen to me £120 but I went back and got my money off hem!!

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