Zero tolerance for drugs and ex-legal highs at this weekend’s Boundary Festival

Posted On 12 Sep 2016 at 4:29 pm

People going to Boundary Festival in Stanmer Park this Saturday are being advised to plan ahead to keep safe – and not bring drugs with them.

The festival, organised by the same team which put on Shakedown at Stanmer and then Waterhall, is being held this Saturday.
Laughing gas at Shakedown close up
Last year, police released pictures of a carpet of discarded laughing gas canisters in the dance tent after the festival, which had been smuggled in despite a strict ban.

This year, the gas, nitrous oxide, is now banned as a recreational drug along all other so-called legal highs.

Chief Inspector Howard Hodges said: “We want everyone to enjoy the festival, but please keep in mind that we have a zero tolerance approach to drugs, and we will deal with offenders robustly.

“There will be amnesty bins and drugs dogs at the gates, giving people the opportunity to dispose of any substances, and anyone found in possession of drugs will have the items seized and will be refused entry.

“We will be working closely with security at the site to keep the disruption and disorder to a minimum, and anyone arrested in connection with psychoactive substances could face a maximum term of seven years in jail. Don’t ruin your own day – or anyone else’s.”

As well as drugs, police are also warning revellers to make travel plans to ensure they get to the site safely. While bus companies will be providing transport to and from the site, attendees are advised that Falmer railway station will be closed after 9.30pm.

Chief Insp Hodges added: “To ensure you get to and from the festival safely, we would advise anyone relying on public transport to plan ahead. A number of dedicated buses will take passengers from the Old Steine in Brighton to the festival site from 11am onwards.

“Ticket holders can also access this bus service from the festival to the Old Steine from 8pm onwards, however trains from Falmer to Brighton will not be available after 9.30pm.”

For the past few months, Sussex Police has worked closely with organisers, local authorities and other agencies in preparation for the big event.

The force’s key aims will be to work with those involved to minimise disruption, prevent crime and disorder, and provide a safe and secure environment for all.

Full details about the new Psychoactive Substances Act, which was launched on 26 May, can be found here.
Festival goers are also being encouraged to take care of personal belongings such as wallets, purses and mobile phones.

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