Beware of thieves ‘jamming’ car keys

Posted On 09 Dec 2016 at 4:08 pm

Sussex Police issued a warning to drivers to beware of thieves “jamming” car keys so that vehicles are left unlocked.

The forcewide alert followed an incident in Eastbourne yesterday afternoon (Thursday 8 December).

Police said: “There have been some reports nationally of thieves using long-range ‘jamming’ devices that stop vehicle owners from accessing or locking their vehicles in order to take valuables and goods.

“There was an incident in Eastbourne on the afternoon of Thursday (8 December) in which a woman reported that her key fob would not work for half an hour when she parked outside a store. However, nothing was taken.

“We understand several other people in the same car park had a similar experience but have not reported this to the police.

“There have been no other recent reports of this happening in Sussex but to avoid becoming a victim of this crime, especially during this festive season, Sussex Police advise that when you leave your vehicle parked or unattended, you carry out the 3 Cs – Clear, Click, Check.

“CLEAR valuables and personal belongings from vehicle ensuring nothing is in view that would encourage someone to break in and steal it.

“CLICK your remote locking key fob to lock and secure the vehicle.

“CHECK that you have followed these steps to make sure it is secure.

“We understand that the use of ‘jammers’ is currently very rare nationally. However, the national Vehicle Crime Intelligence Unit is working closely and extensively with a number of partners including the Home Office and motor manufacturers on solutions to prevent this crime now and in the future.

“Meanwhile, it is essential that people remain vigilant about this kind of potential electronic breach.”

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