Dolphins spotted frolicking by the West Pier

Posted On 19 Jul 2018 at 12:11 pm

A pod of dolphins which has been charming people off the Sussex coast has been caught on camera leaping from the waves.

This video was shot on an iphone by Becca Wright as she travelled on her boyfriend’s boat from Peacehaven to the West Pier.

Meanwhile, the Brighton Dolphin Project has been documenting dolphins spotted in the waters surrounding the city, and has already identified five regular visitors.

Becca Wright said: “My boyfriend Mat and his dad Mick have a boat so if the weather is good we go out and make the most of it, on Sunday we went out earlier then planned as had heard from friends that dolphins were about at Newhaven/Seaford.

“We headed out and we’re only out for about 30mins before spotting them, they disappeared after 5 mins or so. We headed towards Brighton as they headed that way and it didn’t take long for them to appear and were chasing the wake of the boat and swimming underneath it.

“They followed us from about Peacehaven all the way to west pier and it wasn’t until Brighton that they suddenly jumped a few times. Somehow I managed to catch it on film and get a picture.

“It was an amazing experience for all us on the boat which won’t be forgotten in a hurry!”

A spokesman for the Brighton Dolphin Project said: “The Brighton Dolphin Project has a discovery centre where the public can learn more about Brighton’s dolphins and other marine life we have just of our coast.

“We are also doing research which includes creating a photo ID catalogue to try and identify individual dolphins.

“We have identified five dolphins so far, however we have not named them yet. We are reaching out to groups in Brighton to hopefully collect more dolphin photos to use for our photo ID and we are always more than happy to accept any photos of dolphins around Brighton to share on our social media and for research purposes.”

The project’s discovery centre can be found at the World Cetacean Alliance offices at Studio 3, Lower Promenade, Madeira Drive.

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