Hove shop basement to become yoga studio

The basement of a shop in Hove is to be converted into a yoga studio.

Neighbours were worried about noise, especially late in the evening, if the basement of Bang & Olufsen becomes an exercise studio.

Bang & Olufsen in Church Road, Hove

The owners agreed to close at 8pm, Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee was told yesterday (Wednesday 12 September).

And they said that classes held there would be for no more than ten people, with no gym equipment.

The activities would be restricted to yoga, pilates, meditation, tai chi and ante-natal and post-natal classes.

And people using the studio would go in and out through Albert Mews, at the rear of the building.

Conservative councillor Andrew Wealls addressed the Planning Committee at Hove Town Hall on behalf of neighbours.

He welcomed the reduction in hours from 9pm to 8pm, saying that quite a few people had bedrooms overlooking the site.

He said: “I appreciate the conditions here in terms of doors and windows are closed when music is played.

“My big concern is a fitness studio operating in temperatures … like those we have seen this summer. Is that realistic?”

He was also concerned about the noise made by people as they arrived for classes and left afterwards.

Planning agent Paul Burgess, speaking for the applicant, said that there would not be large groups or classes at the venue.

He said that there would be a maximum of ten people.

Councillor Andrew Wealls

Labour councillor Penny Gilbey said that she enjoyed the music from exercise classes within five metres of her home.

Fellow Labour councillor Claire Moonan said: “Myself and Councillor Wealls will be closely monitoring this with residents.

“I am concerned about the space and, by the end of 12 hours, the smells. They will want air conditioning.”

No air conditioning was included in the application.

The plans were approved with conditions, including that the premises close at 8pm and are restricted to quiet classes.

Conservative councillor Carol Theobald voted against the scheme.

  1. SamC Reply

    Noisy Yoga – huge problem in Hove – as for Pilates and Meditation – unspeakably disruptive in this part of town. It is time the council concentrated on the issues that really DO adversely impact Central Hove – enough to last several council terms.

  2. MegA Reply

    If you are “concerned about the space and, by the end of 12 hours, the smells. They will want air conditioning.” visit the exercise studios at King Alfred – especially the cycle spinning studio. It fails to meet ALL prevailing standards for a safe exercise environment when it come to ventilation. Freedom Leisure choose to ignore the Sports England guidelines on ventilation and standards for exercise studios and the council lets it happen despite knowing the risks. Another cover up that is “convenient” for both parties.

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