Crystal meth gang supplied Brighton chemsex parties, court hears

Posted On 25 Apr 2019 at 3:32 pm

Pamela Ivanov outside court last September

More than £50,000 of drugs – and a purple dog dressed in a tutu – were found in the home of a woman who allegedly supplied crystal meth for so-called chemsex parties, a court heard today.

Pamela Ivanov, 43, and five Brighton men appeared at Brighton Crown Court today charged with conspiring to supply crystal meth for almost five years until a series of raids in December 2017.

The jury heard that crystal meth, made famous in the UK by the Netflix series Breaking Bad, was sold by members of the ring to be used at chemsex parties, as it increases the libido while lowering inhibitions.

As well as the meth, a cocktail of drugs including cocaine, GBL, MDMA and mescaline were found at various locations, including a converted shipping container on the site of the old Cobbler’s Thumb pub in New England Street which it’s said was used by the defendants as an office using the company name Nutty Geisha.

Prosecuting, Rachel Beckett told the jury: “Pamela Ivanov had a leading role within this conspiracy to supply.

“She was a bulk supplier to other defendants, all of whom were Brighton based. They then supplied users in Brighton.

“The street value of the drugs seized during the raids was between £60,000 and £70,000. The defendants had been dealing drugs for some years.

“There would have been 60-odd charges had we indicted everything we could. We will hear about them simply to hear the full picture of what is happening but you will not have to reach verdicts.”

She then went through the various slang names of some of the drugs seized, explaining that crystal meth is known as Tina, T, Tina Turner, the lady or because it is made of clear crystals, ice.

She said: “It was made famous in the UK when Breaking Bad, the TV show, was on Netflix.

“That is based in the US. In fact in the UK, the use of crystal meth is largely contained to parties in the gay community.

“It is sometimes used in what are called chemsex parties because it produces an intense high, increases the libido and lowers inhibitions.

“We will hear about various chemsex parties where this drug was being supplied.”

The prosecution told the jury they will be shown footage from bodyworn cameras worn during the raids, telephone records including text messages and locations, messages found on seized computers, bank statements and automatic numberplate recognition camera data.

A drugs expert will also give evidence to explain the benefits and side effects of different drugs, as well as street slang and values.

Ivanov and her co-defendants – Ryan Nelson, 43, and Storrm Bowman, 42, both of New England Street, Mark Green, 41, of Tongdean Lane, Kennady O’Rourke, 51, of Pankhurst Avenue and Paul Russell, 34, of Middle Street – were all charged with conspiracy to supply crystal meth in Brighton from New Year’s Eve 2012 until 5 December 2017.

Ivanov, a petite Filipina national, was also charged with possession of 618g of crystal meth and 30g of cocaine with intent to supply, as well as being concerned in the supply of cocaine and GHB.

Bowman and O’Rourke are also charged with possessing gamma butyrolactone, also known as GHB or liquid ecstasy, with intent to supply.

Green is also charged with possessing MDMA, cocaine, mescaline and GHB, all with intent to supply.

Russell is also charged with possessing MDMA and GHB with intent to supply.

The charges followed a series of raids in Brighton in August, September and December 2017 and in Cricklewood, London, where Ivanov was based, on 6 December 2017.

Ivanov was arrested in Cricklewood Broadway while waiting for a bus. Officers took a bunch of keys from her which opened three flats in the area.

At the third, her home address, officers found her purple dog, dressed in a tutu and baby clothes, as well as drugs and a safe containing more drugs and £5,000 in cash.

As well as crystal meth, MDMA, cocaine and crack, police seized ketamine, alprazolam, zopiclone, lorazepam and sildenafil from Ivanov’s flat. The total street value of these was between £46,000 and £57,000.

All six defendants deny the charges. The trial continues.

  1. Gilbert Bligh Reply

    make criminal drugs gangs history – legalise all drugs now

  2. Rostrum Reply

    Treat all users as victims, and treat them … Treat all suppliers murders…

    Drugs are the biggest cause of crime, poverty, homelessness, prostitution and early death.

    We can not give in to drugs – we must smash the supply and get users rehabilitated.

    • Gilbert Bligh Reply

      Stopping the flow of drug addicts and dealers is like trying to stop the tide coming in. Impossible. – The whole ‘industry’ needs to be properly regulated by the government to remove the criminals just as they did in the USA with prohibition of alcohol.

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