Fringe Preview: Space Cadette and Hypernova by Laurie Black

Posted On 11 May 2019 at 9:39 am

Laurie is a familiar face in recent years with her black and white hair looking fabulous at the Spiegletent and Bosco Theatre. Following her amazing show, Bad Luck Cabaret, last year she is returning fresh from the Adelaide Fringe with her new shows for the Brighton Fringe. Her hard work and brilliant on stage presence has seen her make a name for herself in the cabaret world and even host the world famous La Clique. Bad Luck was a show built around her electronic beats, industrial rock driven, piano playing compositions. Her songs are in the cabaret tradition of cheeky commentaries on modern life but with a goth twist.

So I am looking forward to seeing the new show Space Cadette with the new songs and also her, end of the world/beginning of a new world, themed Hypernova. Expect it to be apocalipstick!


Laurie Black: Space Cadette

By Laurie Black

16 May, 21.30

Hypernova hosted by Laurie Black

22 May, 21.00




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